​Here’s Exactly How Much Money You Would Have Made By Investing in Apple 15 Years Ago

The website that calculates these payouts is, and it lets you see the outcome of any investment opportunity you could have taken, all the way back to January 1, 2000. Just plug in the amount of money, the company, the date, and the website does the rest. So, for example, if you plug in August 30, 2002 for Apple stock, based on a $1,000 investment, here’s your result: “[You] would have made $9868.97 which is a 1086.90% on ROI.”

Take a moment to remind yourself that money isn’t everything, and that you’re going to be okay.

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Of course, while it’s obvious that we all made some bad life choices back in 2002, there were still plenty of opportunities to drop the ball from then until now. Remember the financial crisis? If you’re still feeling bearish about entering the stock market, we won’t blame you. After you calculate how much money you would have by raking up some stock from Apple, or Amazon, or Google, check out what would have happened if you would have invested $1000 in, say, Twitter back in 2014. See? Maybe you’re better off, after all!


So while this may have you wondering why the hell you spent so much money on that bamboo Bob Marley poster as a young adult, look on the bright side: It brought your bleary-eyed, reggae-listening self so much joy at one point in your life. And, anyway, it’s never too late to start putting money away. Here are some money-saving hacks you should start implementing ASAP.

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