10 Fancy Seattle Restaurants Worth the Price of Admission

Seattle’s full of hard-working transients and has a huge international influence, so it’s easy to find great food (Asian or otherwise) at low prices. But it’s also a city of so much tech money and soaring real estate prices that plenty of restaurants charge top dollar, whether or not they’re providing a top-notch experience.

So where should a diner spend a little extra for a special occasion? What’s the right reservation for a pair of heels or a suit (or a company expense account)? Seattle’s fine-dining scene may be slim compared to other big cities’, but it’s not entirely lacking in style. Here are the places to ball out and really enjoy it, expenses be damned.

Note: Map points are listed geographically and are not ranked by preference. Did we miss your favorite value meal? Show it some love in the comments, send us an email about it, or start a forum thread in its honor.

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