100 rescued from stranded cable cars


Rescue workers stage a dramatic operation to bring cable car passengers to safety after they were stranded over the Rhine river in Cologne, Germany.

Dozens of people have been saved, after a cable car collision above the Rhine River in Cologne, Germany left them stranded in mid-air.

A crane was used by rescue teams to reach at least 100 people, the BBC reported.

Children were among those trapped.


More than 100 people are being rescued by firefighters after gondola cars broke down in Cologne.

Some people were said to have been as high as 40m above the ground, the BBC reported.

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Public transportation authorities for the city in North-Rhine-Westphalia state say 32 of the cars were operating when the mishap occurred Sunday.

When one cable car collided with a pillar, the others were brought to a stop.

No injuries have been reported.

 – AP

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