2017 Guide to Back-to-School Tax Holidays

Sales tax holidays can be a great opportunity for not only families looking to save some money, but even those without kids returning to school or college.

The states and cities that host the tax-free days, usually schedule them for a weekend or a few days before the start of the school year, allowing shoppers to get added deals on items ranging from computers and clothes, to backpacks, shoes and other fashion staples. While there are often limits and exclusions, many local economies cite an increase in retail shopping during these tax holidays.

Keeping up with the different tax rules in each of the states isn’t usually a problem for consumers, who can usually turn to their local media or chamber of commerce for information. But for business owners, particularly those who have sales in multiple states, it can be a challenge. Since these holidays affect how much sales tax to apply on transactions during these dates, or whether to charge any tax on some items, business managers need to keep a close watch.

The below infographic offers a useful overview of which states are having sales tax holidays – and when. Click to enlarge the image. You can learn more about the states and items at


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