3 Steps To Start Your Real Estate Investing Portfolio

Steven Hughes from Know Money Inc. joins Deon Guillory to talk about 3 ways to start your real estate portfolio.

Columbia, SC (WLTX)- – Many people have watched house-flipping shows on HGTV thinking, “I can do that.” For those that have been on the fence about real estate investing, here are 3 steps to get you started: 

Get Educated: There are books, podcasts, and coaches that can guide you through the process of getting started in real estate. Be sure to build your knowledge base before putting in any of your money or anyone else’s. 

Choose A Niche: Are you interested in flipping a house? What about becoming a landlord? Decide what interests you the most and focus on that strategy and only that strategy until you’ve gotten some experience. If you’re trying to get started with little-to-no money saved, maybe the wholesaling niche is something you should explore.

Create a Real Estate Business Plan: As you’re starting this new endeavor, it’s important to have a foundation built on goals. Write down what you want to accomplish. This plan will help you focus and give you a higher probability of success.

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