Abandoned cars on Highway 61 concern community

by: Scott Madaus

TUNICA COUNTY, Miss. – Drive up or down Highway 61 in Tunica County, Mississippi, and there’s a good chance you’ve seen seemingly abandoned vehicles. In this case 2 of them.

When we received a call from a concerned viewer, we went to check out the potential problem.


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When we arrived, we saw 2 cars. One north bound and one southbound.

Those who live in the area said they’ve seen abandoned vehicles as well.

The man who contacted us said they’ve been there for weeks without being towed.

So we contacted the Tunica County Sheriff’s Office who sprung into action immediately.

Within minutes, deputies arrived tagging both cars with stickers that say The vehicles will be towed within 24 hours if not removed.

Good news for concerned travelers, and another problem solved for FOX13 News.

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