After Sen. McCain’s diagnosis, local experts unfold information about brain cancers

After Senator McCain’s diagnosis,…

47 ABC – Shocking news unveiled as Arizona Senator John McCain revealed that he was diagnosed with brain cancer.

McCain is not knew to putting up a fight. From being a prisoner of war in Vietnam to battling it out on Capitol Hill, he now may be facing his toughest fight yet.

He was diagnosed with glioblastoma, known as GBM, also identified as primary brain cancer.

Generally, experts say there are two broad categories. One category is referred to as primary brain cancer, where the cancer first appears in the brain. And the other is metastatic brain cancer, where it starts from somewhere else.

From there, tumors in the brain are graded based on how aggressive the tumor cells appear.

Big names like former U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy and Delaware’s own former Attorney General Beau Biden also had glioblastoma.

Dr. John Mansueti is the Medical Director of Radiation Oncology at Peninsula Regional Medical Center and says GBM can form at any age. We are also told GBM is not hereditary.

For those looking out for signs, headaches are quite common. The headache is typically because the brain tumors causes leaking or swelling and it’s the actual swelling of the brain that causes the headache.

Other symptoms can also include confusion, difficulty with speech and memory. You can even have difficulty walking.

The symptoms depend on where the tumor is located on the brain, affecting different functions.

And once discovered, experts say immediate surgery tends to be the next move followed by radiation and chemo therapy.

If left untreated, doctors say it can be quite aggressive, generally leaving the patient only two to three months to live. But they say 10% of cases have a 5-year survival rate.

And even though GMB stats can be scary, those statistics don’t necessarily apply to every patient. We are told with new treatments, patients can have hope.

We are told the best thing you can do, if you do have symptoms is to contact a doctor.

In regards to McCain, former VP Joe biden was quick to show his support for the 80-year-old senator, having gone through the same diagnosis with his son Beau.

He tweeted “John and I have been friends for 40 years. He’s gotten through so much difficulty with so much grace. He is strong and he will beat this.”

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