Airtel to invest Rs 20,000 cr this year for expanding network: Sunil Mittal

Telecom and IT industry will have to partner with every government sector, says Mukesh Ambani

New Delhi, Sept 27:  

The country’s largest telecom services provider, Bharti Airtel, on Wednesday said that it will invest around Rs. 20,000 core this year for expanding its network.

“Airtel would have put in Rs 10,000 crore by September in infrastructure, and we are investing another Rs 18,000-20,000 crore this year,” the company Chairman, Sunil Mittal, said at the India Mobile Congress here.

He said not only Airtel, but all the telecom companies are investing in developing future technologies and setting up infrastructure.

He said India will emerge as a leading telecom industry in future and a lot of infrastructure in terms of common towers/fibres and submarine cables and satellite technology are in the works.

Mittal also said while the industry gets a lot of support from the Central Government, the companies are not getting much support from the State governments and local governments when it comes to setting up of infrastructure.

Mittal’s rival, Mukesh Ambani, who also shared the dais at the event said that ‘data is the new oil’ and telecom and information technology industry will have to partner to work together for future technologies.

“Telecom and IT industry will have to partner with every government sector — biggest to the smallest. We have to invest in building next assets,” Ambani said.

“Together we can achieve the unimaginable to grow together in future to turn opportunity into a reality,” Ambani added.

(This article was published on September 27, 2017)

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