Alderman proposes letting people break into cars to save pets

Chicago, Il – Northwest side Aldermen Gilbert Villegas introduced an ordinance Wednesday that would let people legally break into cars, to save a pet suffering from extreme heat or cold.

The ordinance would allow any person, animal control worker, or law enforcement officer to use any “reasonable method” to rescue a pet believed to have been left in a car for a prolonged period of time.

According to the ordinance any “reasonable method” includes breaking a window to get into the car.

The ordinance would also fine a person anywhere from $300.00 to $1000.00 if caught leaving a pet in a car in dangerous weather conditions.

Alderman Villegas says 17 other states have similar laws in the books.

In September he’ll introduce a follow up ordinance that would protect anyone who breaks a window or damages a car to rescue a dog , from being sued by the car’s owner.

The Finance Committee is now considering the ordinance.


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