Alliance monitoring pension reform to end activities today

The Alliance for Monitoring Pension Reform, a coalition of retired and active-duty military personnel, retired civil servants and public-school teachers, is to disband today because it has accomplished its mission, convener Huang Yao-nan (黃耀南) said yesterday.

The legislature on June 29 passed the Act Governing the Retirement and Pensions of Public-School Teachers and Employees (公立學校教職員退休撫卹條例), part of the government’s efforts to overhaul the nation’s pension systems.

The legislation, which is to take effect on July 1 next year, pushes back the retirement age for government employees and public-school teachers from 50 to 58 and conditionally phases out the 18 percent preferential interest rate for savings accounts of those teachers hired before July 1995, among others.

Retired teachers who joined the pension scheme before July 1995 and who opted to receive monthly pension payments will no longer receive the preferential interest rate from the end of 2020.

Immediately following the bill’s passage, Huang said the Democratic Progressive Party caucus was “butchering” teachers.

He said yesterday that the dissolution of the alliance would be formally announded today, but he vowed to continue the fight for teachers’ pension rights in his role as National Federation of Teachers’ Unions director-general.

Asked whether the decision was made after pension reform protesters disrupted the opening ceremony of the Taipei Summer Universiade on Aug. 19, he said the two events were not unrelated.

In other news, National Civil Servant Association director Harry Lee (李來希) yesterday said he planned to establish a new alliance, the membership of which would not be limited to retired and serving military personnel, public servants or teachers.

The group is to also address a broader range of issues, such as protecting the rights of civic groups, including those opposed to same-sex marriage, he said.

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