Amazon Investors Can’t Make Up Their Minds; AMD Looms to Threaten Intel — ICYMI Friday

Well, that’s it, pack it up, let’s sell our stocks and go home.

If only, amirite? With everyone on Wall Street calling for the end of the market’s high times, reports of a complete implosion seem to be a bit premature.

Sure, Inc.’s (AMZN) ¬†earnings didn’t stack up to estimates but what’s the indictment on the company? They are investing TOO much in their own business? Wasn’t this the same thing we were praising Amazon for just a few quarters ago. Remember the days of damming CEO Jeff Bezos because the company could never turn a profit. We keep flip-flopping on Amazon, let’s try to come to a consensus. We’ve got the long and the short view from the newsroom today.

The two-day tech sell-off captivated investors during the latter part of the week, but beneath the surface there were some positive stories in the tech sector (and elsewhere, for that matter) that have gone pretty unnoticed.

Intel Corp. (INTC) ¬†, for instance, has an interesting blueprint for delivering moderate sales and earnings growth that includes investing big in major data center and cloud opportunities while keeping a PC cash cow roughly steady. Unlike Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) ¬†, which has made a similar strategy its blueprint, Intel’s M.O. could be upended by the resurgence of an old rival-Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) –that’s in the midst of rolling out a string of intriguing products.

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