Antiques Road Trip fans FLABBERGASTED as rare item makes RECORD-BREAKING five-figure sale | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Kate Bliss and Paul Laidlaw went head-to-head in the final leg of this week’s Antiques Road Trip, with the former beginning their last journey trailing behind by a sizeable £301.66.

As the auction drew nearer, Paul located a very special item, finding an early subminiature camera, along with accompanying chemicals, in a treasure trove of an antiques shop.

Purchasing the camera for at a steal for £60, the dealers went on their way to find out how much it would sell for.

When the experts arrived at the auction house, Kate gave the gem a look over, admitting that she found it “spine-tingling”.

“This would have been hugely expensive and sold to the elite,” Paul informed BBC viewers, having done some research into his purchase. “This in it’s day was cutting edge.”

Even the auctioneer was intrigued by the lot, saying he’d never seen one and couldn’t find any others which had sold at auction.

No one, however, predicted just how huge a sale it would provoke with a packed house and multiple internet and phone bidders.

Paul and Kate were completely lost for words as the bidding went up and up, with the hammer finally coming down on an astounding £20,000.

“I’ve got no words,” Paul stammered, adding: “I’m over the moon. I’m genuinely flabbergasted.”

Viewers were also astounded, taking to Twitter to share their amazement, with one saying: “That camera on #AntiquesRoadTrip jaw-dropping stuff!”

“My flabber is truly gasted! Amazing result Paul – very well done,” another added, while a third simply commented: “Woweee what an ending.”

The proceeds from the sale, which is by far the biggest in Antiques Road Trip history, will go to Children In Need.

Antiques Road Trip continues Monday at 4.30pm on BBC One.

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