Are you worried about how your family will afford the summer holidays? | Education

Half of children needing summer food bank support are in primary school, a new report by the UK’s biggest food bank network, the Trussell Trust, has revealed.

The report says 67,500 three-day emergency food packages went to children in July and August 2016, 4,000 more than in the preceding two months, suggesting the need for food banks increases during the summer holidays.

Parents around the country will already be very familiar with the challenges school holidays bring – for many it’s an extra six weeks to find childcare and there can be more pressure to pay out for activities to keep children entertained over the long break. But for some families, with no school meals supplementing household finances, it can be a particularly stressful time and can mean more visits to food banks.

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Do you have concerns about family finances during the summer holidays? What extra pressures are there on you with your children out of school? Have you had to visit a food bank or are you planning to use other community services this summer?

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