Ativie’s counsel seeks forensic experts to vary Oshiomhole’s signature

By Gabriel Enogholase

BENIN—COUNSEL to the embattled former Deputy Speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly, Mrs Elizabeth Ativie, Mr Olayiwola Afolabi has called for forensic experts to compare the signature of former Governor Adams Oshiomhole with that in the letter he allegedly wrote  the former Deputy Speaker,  giving official vehicles to her to authenticate whether they were genuine or not.

Elizabeth Ativie

He also wants the former governor to be charged to court for deceit, saying that he deceived Mrs Ativie into believing that he had the power to give her the vehicles.

Recalled that oshiomholewhile speaking with journalists on Wednesday, denied claims by Mrs Ativie that he gave the vehicles to her as a gift,  adding that he had no such powers to do so.

Afolabi, who was reacting to the statement credited to former Governor Oshiomhole, in which he denied writing any letter to Mrs Ativie donating the vehicles to her said, “It is a shameful act for a public officer to deny his signature. We are not surprised because politicians can blow hot and cold.


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