Auckland International Airport investing in significant customer benefits


Auckland International Airport is spending more than $1 million a day on projects across the airport.

Modest price changes and a $2 billion infrastructure investment plan will give airline passengers “significant benefits” by 2022, Auckland International Airport says.

But in the meantime, the airport was working hard to upgrade and give customers the best possible experience during a period of significant change.

Auckland International Airport’s profit after tax for the year to June 30 was $332.9 million, up more than a quarter on the previous year.

Auckland International Airport chairman Sir Henry van der Heyden says modest fee increases balance the needs of ...


Auckland International Airport chairman Sir Henry van der Heyden says modest fee increases balance the needs of passengers and the airport’s spend-up.

This in a year when the airport has been spending more than $1m a day on core infrastructure, with 44 projects now underway across the airport.

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Auckland International Airport chairman Sir Henry van der Heyden said it had been a strong year of growth across the business.

The company was upgrading infrastructure, growing and supporting tourism and wanted to provide “the best possible customer experience during a time of significant change”, he said.

“Auckland Airport remained focused on its customers during the 2017 financial year, ensuring their journeys through the airport are fast and efficient and they have a range of options when parking, shopping or staying here.

“Improving travel times and flows around the airport precinct has been a top priority for the company in the 2017 financial year and we also continued to advocate to central and local government the need for better public transport services and state highway access to and from the airport.”

In June, the airport announced increases in the fees it would charge airlines over the next five years to help for its infrastructure spend-up.

Airlines criticised the proposed fees at the time, saying they were “unjustifiably high”.

But van der Heyden said these modest price changes for the 2018 to 2022 financial years, and a $2b investment plan, would deliver “significant benefits” for passengers.

“The new pricing and capital expenditure programme also balances the needs of passengers, the airport community, the tourism industry, our investors and the airlines – ensuring Auckland Airport has the infrastructure it needs to continue connecting Auckland with New Zealand and New Zealand with the world.”

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