Aviation experts at loss over apparent UFO

MYSTERY surrounds a possible UFO sighting photographed by people on the northern beaches this month.

Narrabeen’s Gus Medero captured a close-up shot of the bizarre object and he was one of several witnesses at a loss to explain­ it.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority has also described the object as “a mystery.”

Mr Medero was taking sunrise photos at Avalon’s Bangalley Head on July 5, about 7am, when his camera also captured a large white dot in the sky above the sun.

Medero said the unidentified object looked to have “four jet streams coming out” of it.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Mr Medero said.

“I can’t really give you a definitive answer (on what it was).”

Gus Medero can take a mean UFO photo.
Gus Medero can take a mean UFO photo.


Mr Medero said the object – which was moving in upwards – was most likely a satellite, if he had to guess.

Cromer’s Blake Hirst also took photographs of the object­, from Dee Why Beach.

He, along with others at the beach at the time, said he noticed the object­ move from one side of the rising sun to the other before­ it disappeared upwards into the atmosphere.

“It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen,” he said.

“I’m not one to believe in UFOs or ghosts or anything like that but it makes you wonder. Some guy made a joke that it was the North Koreans­ sending a missile.”

Asked if he thought it could have been a drone or a plane, Mr Hirst said: “The way it took off and shot up to space, it could have been a drone … but I don’t know.”

“It seemed it was going way too fast to be a drone – it was going faster than an aeroplane.”

Mr Hirst said it looked like lights were “flashing on and off” from the object.

Belrose woman Bernice Camf also saw the object from her home and believed it was “space junk.”

A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority viewed photos of the object and said it was a mystery as to what it was.

“At that time of the morning the light often makes things look different than they are,” he said.

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