Barbells and beach bods – Agnes gym launches CrossFit holidays

IF HISTORY teaches us one thing, it’s to fear getting back on the scales after a holiday.  

Midday beers and three- course meals mixed with a YOLO attitude can be the difference of an entire dress size when you get back on home soil.  

But Agnes Water health and fitness gurus Carmen and Shaun Baxter are making sure the only thing you gain while on holidays are some healthy vibes, a possible six-pack (muscles, that is) and a golden Agnes tan.   

The couple has launched a CrossFit holiday program where people can enjoy their trip to the region with an active workout regimen and adventure-packed itinerary.   

The idea came from a simple quest to keep their gym, 1770 CrossFit, open over the weekends.  

“We only thought of it about six weeks ago when we were talking about having the box open more often and I initially thought we should rent it out to other box owners who can bring their members and athletes for a weekend to train,” Mrs Baxter said.   

“Then my husband thought what if we ran CrossFit holidays, and the idea just happened.”  

The holiday can be tailored to your needs, but one package is the “weekend warrior” which includes two nights’ accommodation, three training sessions, an adventure Games event and some meals.   

The box is also available to affiliate gyms and coaches to rent.  

“I just think some people want more on their holidays,” Mrs Baxter said.   

“If you train on a regular basis, you’ll probably want to train on your holiday too because you’re used to it and it makes you feel good.  

“It’s so easy to crack a beer at 10am when you’re on holidays, so at least this can be an active holiday where people leave feeling amazing.  

“They’ve had a break, but have still been challenged each day and had so much fun doing it.”  

Mrs Baxter said training would not be always in the box, but out on the water with kayaks, swimming, running trails and more, plus strength and conditioning, recovery and Olympic lifting.  

“We haven’t really seen too many places offer this, mainly overseas, so we just thought ‘right, let’s do it, we’ve got nothing to lose’,” she said.   

The couple opened 1770 CrossFit in March this year and launched the holiday program on Friday.   

The programs are designed to suit all athletic abilities from beginners to elite athletes.  

For more information, head HERE.   

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