Beginning of the holidays catastrophic

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    A collision involving a motorcycle and a pickup truck has left one person dead and one injured, on Sunday at Grenville-sur-la-Rouge in the Laurentians. According to the first elements of the investigation, no criminal act would not be in question.

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    Sunday, 23 July 2017 23:45

    Sunday, 23 July 2017 23:45

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    The construction holidays have barely begun, already, five accidents have been as dead and two seriously injured on the roads of the province, including several motorcyclists and young adults, according to a count conducted by The Newspaper.

    This first assessment does the risk of vacation of the building at least as deadly as last year, when 11 people were killed on the territory served by the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) during the two week long holiday.

    On Sunday, a motorcycle rider in his thirties has died after being in collision with a van in Grenville-sur-la-Rouge in the Laurentians. His passenger has suffered many fractures, but it does not fear for his life.

    The crash occurred shortly before 14 h on highway 148, near the intersection with the chemin Kilmar. The driver of the second vehicle was not injured. According to the SQ, he would not have seen the motorcycle that was coming in the opposite direction when making a left turn.

    No criminal element would not be in question.

    Young victims

    Earlier, in the night from Saturday to Sunday, a young driver is killed and another is hurt badly in the Montérégie region.

    To Shefford, an output of road has claimed the life of Francis Dubuc, a 26 year old male who was travelling on highway 10 West, around 2: 20 in the morning. The driver, originally from Saint-Pie, would have crossed the median before ending his race in a ditch and being ejected from his vehicle. His death was recorded in the hospital.

    The SQ says they have received several calls to report the conduct to be erratic driver and prior to the alcohol could be involved. “According to preliminary clues, the alcohol and the non-wearing of the seatbelt would be in question. The investigation is still ongoing, ” said spokeswoman Annie Thompson.

    Then, at Sainte-Barbe, a motorist of a 18-year-old was seriously injured after missing a curve in the road 132, 3 am in the morning. The driver, who was the sole occupant, was transported to the hospital. Fortunately, his life seems to be out of danger. Here, too, the SQ believes that alcohol might be involved, as well as the speed.

    As soon as Friday

    These sad events are in addition to the death of a young man of 21 years, Michael Vachon, a native of Lévis, in a collision that occurred Saturday morning in Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon, in the region of Chaudière-Appalaches. He was in the passenger seat. The driver, a man of 25 years, is still being treated at the hospital for serious injuries.

    Two motorcyclists have also perished, Friday and Saturday, respectively, at Saint-Jean-sur-Richelie and Quebec city.

    In addition, at least two other motorists were seriously injured in Saint-Prosper, in Chaudière-Appalaches and Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, in Montérégie.

    Death on Quebec roads during the construction holidays


    Since Friday (identified by The Journal)

    The previous years (on the territory of the SQ)

    ►2016: 11

    ►2015: 21 pm

    ►2014: 14

    ►2013: 11

    ►2012: 9

    – With the QMI Agency


    In the Face of the increasing traffic of motorists on the québec road network in this holiday period, the vigilance is, reminds us of the Sûreté du Québec.

    “Whether you’re behind the wheel of a car, a motorcycle, a heavy vehicle or even a recreational vehicle, sharing the road with all users is necessary, since each one has his place on it,” says the SQ by way of a press release.

    “Plan to go, be patient and avoid distractions behind the wheel are three behaviors to be adopted on the road vacation,” advises one.

    According to the SQ, it is about a quarter of the active population of Québec who is on holiday from 21 July to 6 August.

    A year ago, not less than 15 000 tickets had been delivered by the SQ during these two weeks and 350 drivers were arrested in relation to driving with ability impaired by alcohol or drugs.

    On construction sites also

    The authorities also insist to meet the signage and the speed limits on roadworks, and to ensure that these instructions are observed even in the absence of workers.

    The SQ mentioned that if 80% of the employees of the construction industry are on leave, this is not the case for 20 % of their colleagues, who are always likely to be found on construction sites.

    The department of Transport indicates that they have requested that police presence be increased in certain areas of work and reserves the right to have recourse to radars photo mobiles.

    Remember that fines are doubled for offences committed in such zones. Drivers at fault are, therefore, exposed to stiff fines ranging from $ 110 for an excess speed of 20 km/h, of $ 210 for an excess of 30 km/h and 390 $ for an excess of 45 km/h.

    Preventable accidents

    According to the statistics of the ministry of Transport, the inattention and distraction cause the most accidents with personal injury on the roads, almost half of them.

    The speed is responsible for an accident out of five. Impatience behind the wheel is also to be avoided, since in approximately one accident in five a driver was following too closely the vehicle in front of him.

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