Bill restricting insurance coverage of abortions moves to Gov. Abbott’s desk

AUSTIN, Texas — With three days left in the special legislative
session, lawmakers will be hard at working tackling the remaining
items on Gov. Greg Abbott’s agenda.

Over the weekend, a number of bills made it out of the chambers and
to the governor’s desk, including a controversial abortion bill late
Sunday night.

If it becomes law, it would require women in Texas to buy separate
health insurance to cover future abortions. The only exception would
be in the case of a medical emergency — that would not include
instances of rape, incest or fetal abnormalities.

Supporters of the bill argue people against abortion, people who
don’t believe in it, shouldn’t have to pay for the procedure through
their insurance plans — it should be an additional premium.

Author of the bill says it’s not about who can get an abortion, it’s
about who is forced to pay for an abortion. Opponents of the bill are
calling this ‘rape insurance’.

Democrats tried to amend the bill to include exceptions — fetal
abnormalities, rape and incest arguing that no woman can anticipate
needing to get an abortion and say that if this is signed into law, it
would hurt low-income women the most.

Abbott is expected to sign this bill into law.  It’s one of three
abortion-related items on his agenda.

A bill that would require doctors and health care facilities to
report more details about abortion complications to the state cleared
both chambers on Friday.

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