Bills backers bar in Houston flooded by Harvey

HOUSTON – 2 On Your Side is hearing from Western New York natives, who are in the Houston area. Many of them have told us that they are safe, but like many people are dealing with serious challenges.

2 On Your Side has heard from some Western New Yorkers who haven’t had any flooding in their homes, but have dealt with closed off streets and stores that are closed. 

Other Western New York natives, are dealing with serious flooding.


Ray Jones, originally from Lockport, has lived in the Houston-area for 15 years. He owns Racks Bar and Grill, which is located in North Houston. The bar over the years has transformed into a very popular bar for Buffalo Bills fans.


Jones says the restaurant is flooded with at least six feet of water, much of that from a creek that runs near the restaurant. 


“The water was right on the doorstep ready to come in, we started taking out as much of the food as we could get out of there and we were only able to make one trip before the water levels got too high for us to go back there,” Jones said.


He says he’s taking this flood very hard, and that it will be even harder when they’re able to get to the restaurant and assess damage. Jones says the restaurant does have flood insurance, but the contents inside the restaurant, like equipment, tables and chairs, those sort of things, are not covered.






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