Bills will find spots for their new slot receivers – ProFootballTalk


In the past week, the Bills have added a couple of slot receivers, signing Anquan Boldin and trading for Jordan Matthews. With rookie Zay Jones also having plenty of experience on the inside as well, it’s hard to tell how the top guys will be configured when Week One rolls around, in only four week.

“At the end of the day, what interests me, what interests us as a football team is good football players,” coach Sean McDermott told reporters on Sunday regarding his collection of pass catchers. “You find places for good football players. When you look at both of those players’ productions, Anquan and Jordan over the years, there’s been quite a bit of it in the slot, as you mentioned, but they’ve also played outside as well. We’re going to put good football players on the field and then also put them in a position to have success.”

It’s not a bad concept, but the fact remains that the Bills have give up on a guy who can stretch the field and open up various underneath routes. It’s hard not to wonder whether the Bills are considering more changes at the position in the hopes of getting a deep threat back in the mix.

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