Blogger Sarah Stage Has No Time For Instagram ‘Medical Experts’ Commenting On Her Workouts

A pregnant fitness blogger who has tackled criticism over the size of her baby bump has hit back at the “Instagram medical experts” leaving comments on her photos.

Sarah Stage, from the US, is eight months pregnant with her second child and has been documenting her workouts during her pregnancy on Instagram.

But since she revealed she was expecting, she has had people commenting on her videos telling her what she should and shouldn’t do.

“While I find some of the comments hilarious, I choose to only listen to my OBGYN and of course I also listen to my body,” she wrote on Instagram on 16 August. 

Stage said if something feels “off” while she’s doing a workout, she won’t carry on.

“I always do what’s best for my growing baby and put him first,” she wrote. “It’s a proven medical fact that continuing exercising while pregnant has many health benefits for you and baby.

“Clearly, I have greatly reduced the intensity of my workouts and stick to at-home exercises from my fitness book two to three times a week.” 

She also addressed the fact that many people have suggested she is only exercising while she’s pregnant because she is obsessed with how she looks.

But she says she is obsessed with a healthy lifestyle, not her looks.

“I don’t judge anyone who chooses to not be active while pregnant as it’s their own life,” she added. “I’m just sharing my pregnancy journey and appreciate the positive support from most of you.” 

Stage has been sharing bare bump selfies throughout her pregnancy and has previously had people comment on the size of her growing belly.

She received comments on a photo she posted on 8 July saying she “doesn’t look like a pregnant person” because her bump was “too small”. 

Hitting back at her critics, she wrote at the time: “There’s no room for any negativity so please take it elsewhere.

“Baby two is healthy and measuring just fine. I would think that after having James, who was born almost 9lbs and healthy, people would be more understanding during this pregnancy and keep their ignorant comments to themselves.

“We are all different – that’s what makes us special and unique.”

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