Brace-up Kerala: 4-day bank holiday, but ATMs to be filled to the full | Kerala News

Kochi: The long festive weekend is here and that means that the banks are also going to remain closed for four days in a row starting Friday (September 29).

Customers won’t be able to conduct bank transactions at branches during these four days. However, banks are trying to ensure that ATMs remain operational during these days so that people don’t face any cash crunch situation.

All banks have been directed to fill cash in the ATMs before the holiday begins. If the ATMs run out of cash, then it will be re-filled even on holidays.

Mahanavami (September 29), Vijaydashami (September 30), Sunday (October 1), Gandhi Jayanthi (October 2) are the four holidays.

An ATM can be filled with up to Rs 40 lakh. Following the merger with SBT, SBI has 3,000 ATMs in the state.

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