Broncos OLB Von Miller avoids fine for ‘unsportsmanlike’ move against Bills

Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller received a strange penalty in their loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

He offered a hand to help up his friend, Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor, but he then playfully pulled it back. The referee flagged Miller, but the NFL decided not to fine him, according to Pro Football Talk’s Josh Alper.

The play was strange because a referee not paying attention closely could easily react to Miller pulling his hand back, and deem that as unsportsmanlike conduct. However, if he took an extra second to take in the whole picture, he would’ve seen that there was no ill intent on Miller’s part.

Former NFL heads of officiating Mike Pereira and Dean Blandino agreed that the flag should not have been thrown. The Bills took advantage of that penalty and kicked a field goal to go up 26-16, which was the game’s final score.

After the game, Miller said that he “killed the game,” with that penalty.

Even thought the penalty didn’t cost the Broncos the game, it was an unfortunate for that to happen late in a close contest.

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