Bucky Gleason’s Hot Read: Bills fans should rejoice … while they can

Allow me to address the fine folks who are only interested in the facts, especially when they conveniently feed their limitless optimism. The Bills are leading the AFC East after beating the Jets, 21-12, Sunday at New Era Field after the Patriots lost their opener and Hurricane Irma wiped out the Dolphins-Bucs game in Tampa.

The Bills outgained the Jets, 411-214 and had 188 yards rushing before going into victory formation. Sean McDermott won his NFL debut as a head coach. Tyrod Taylor effectively used his legs and threw for 224 yards and two touchdowns. LeSean McCoy was the Bills’ top weapon on offense and finished with 159 yards from scrimmage.

And the Bills didn’t take any stupid penalties or mismanage coach’s challenges, hallmarks of Rex Ryan-coached teams over the previous two seasons. Buffalo did what was required to win.

Rejoice, Bills fans. Enjoy the fun while it lasts. Just know that it’s going to get considerable tougher as the season rolls along.

The Bills won the opener in New Era Field, but it was hardly a convincing or inspiring win by any definition. Taylor was threw 1-yard touchdown passes to Charles Clay in the second quarter and the other to Andre Holmes in the third for a 14-6 lead. Mike Tolbert scored from the 1 in the fourth quarter.

Buffalo shouldn’t take too much pleasure in the result, however. The Jets were a sorry team that was bracing for a miserable season and a high draft pick before the regular season started. The Bills had problems putting away an inferior team that was prime for a blowout in the first half.

The Bills deserved credit for playing well but, knowing the Jets’ standards for the season, anything they accomplished Sunday came with an asterisk. The Jets might not win a game all season. Buffalo is marginally better than the worst team in the NFL.

But that’s just my opinion.

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