Buffalo Bills are one of NFL’s most unwatchable teams, says Colin Cowherd

No one will confuse the Buffalo Bills with the Greatest Show on Turf, but is the team unwatchable?

FOX Sports’ Colin Cowherd believes this is the case. The radio host listed the Bills, along with the Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets and San Francisco 49ers, as the league’s most unwatchable teams.

Cowherd believes the majority of these teams are unwatchable as they have defensive coaches at the helm.

“If I put a list of the most unwatchable teams in the NFL– Bears, Colts, Bengals, Jets, Niners, Bills– one has an offensive coach,” said Cowherd. “And by the way, the last time we saw the 49ers play was on Thursday against the Rams. And the offense was clever, and wild, and crazy, because Kyle Shanahan will eventually get that puppy turned around the minute he gets Kirk Cousins or Sam Darnold or whoever.

But I just think a defensive coach these days– if you are an NFL owner or a general manager– I mean, I’ll say it again, Andrew Luck had Bruce Arians. They let him go. Ever since they let Bruce Arians go, Andrew Luck has not been the same guy.

Tampa Bay did it right. And I love Lovie Smith. They moved him out, and they brought in Dirk Koetter. He got better fast.

Dak Prescott, offensive coach, Carson Wentz offensive coach, Jared Goff– last time we saw him looked fantastic– offensive coach. The world has changed. If you’re a company, you’ve got to get digital, people.

And if you’re a football team– and by the way the Jets are going to get a top quarterback. You’ve got a defensive coach. You’ve got to bring an offensive guy in. Because that kid is going to need every minute of his day to be around guys that have his sensibility.

That’s why I’ve said Urban Meyer I think would be a great NFL coach today. His players go to Ohio State. They always get better. He’s a great developer of talent. He knows offensive talent. He recruits offensive talent.

And like, I just look around football now. I got nothing against John Fox. I think he’s a very good football coach. But man– and there are some exceptions– Pete Carroll, Bill Belichick– they got great quarterbacks.

But if I have a young quarterback like Chicago with Trubisky, you’ve got to get him an offensive coach. You got to get Jared Goff, Dak Prescott offensive guys.”

Buffalo certainly isn’t lighting the league on fire with their offense. The team is currently 25th in points (16.7), 26th in yards (285.3), 29th in passing yards (174.0) and 12th in rushing yards (111.3). While the offense isn’t putting up highlight reel plays on a consistent basis, fans could argue that the offense has been very entertaining.

The Bills’ defense is first in points allowed (12.3), 6th in yards allowed (278.3), 9th in passing yards allowed (203.0) and 7th in rushing yards allowed (75.3).

You can see Cowherd’s segment on the league’s most unwatchable teams below.

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