Campaigners call pension age meeting

A group of women from Bury St Edmunds have met with Jo Churchill MP to protest about the way the equalisation of new State Pension Age has been introduced.

The women are members of the national Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) campaign and met with the Bury St Edmunds MP earlier this month to callfor support.

The group are unhappy with the way the new State Pension Age has been introduced by the Department of Work and Pensions.

According to WASPI, women born in the 1950s haven’t been given time to plan as the pension age is rises from 60 to 65, or 66.

“Of course we support bringing about equality in pensions between men but many women weren’t informed of this change,” said Karen Sheldon, co-ordinator of the group.

“We are still meeting women all over Suffolk who genuinely believe they will get their pension at 60.

“The lack of notice has caused huge problems not just for women but their families, too.

“Men are having to work longer to cover the money lost from the family income, in a lot of cases up to £48,00.

“Women can’t spend the time they would have helping elderly parents or babysitting grandchildren.

“Most significantly, a great many of these women started work at 15.

“These women have had plans for retirement turned completely upside down.

“The worst off have lost their homes and are financially destitute.”

The Bury St Edmunds WASPI group meet every month.

For more information email or visit the national group at

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