Cars for a cause: hot rods raise funds for Wellington teenager with lyme disease


Gary Clouston with Ruby Penney at the hot rod show in Porirua. Gary’s souped-up 1952 F1 Ford was one of the cars on display to raise money for Ruby.

The chrome glittered, the engines revved and money was raised for a good cause.

The Hot Rod show, held at Porirua’s Kennel Club on Sunday, was raising funds for 14-year-old Ruby Penney, who suffers from Lyme Disease.

Ruby, whose family travels to America for her treatment, contracted the disease as a 7-year-old during an Australian holiday.

Gary Coulston’s souped-up 1952 F1 Ford was one of the dozens of cars on display at the club on Father’s Day.

“I’d rather drive that to Auckland than a modern car,” he said. “The fuel economy is pretty good.”

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