Cars get stranded in high water during heavy rainfall from Harvey


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Harvey Hammered Houston for nearly a week and Thursday manhandled Memphis.

Rising water almost guaranteed it. The bloated College Street and Trigg Avenue intersection, knee deep in water around 2 p.m., was a virtual lake fours later.

It was a challenge for some who chose to ignore the warnings and take the plunge.

We helped a woman and her young son out of their car after it got stuck and then helped push it to higher ground.

Most heeded the lessons from this cautionary tale.

“I’m kind of scared to drive through that now,” driver Jakiaious Davis said. “We probably just make a U-turn. We ain’t gonna be able go through that. That just a little bit too tight probably.”

However, there were plenty who didn’t.

Most were lucky and made it through. Others, not so much.

Water spilling in through a passenger’s door moments after the driver fled to safety.

“It’s always like this, man. They don’t never clean the drains out,” longtime resident Dewayne McFerrin said.

City crews were here Thursday — some almost into up to their waists — but McFerrin questions why they weren’t here sooner.

“They should have did that while it was dry. You can’t even get to the drain. I don’t even know where to find the drain at now.”

For the next few hours, you won’t find much of anything but water.



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