Celebs Go Dating experts Nadia Essex and Eden Blackman say they’ll NEVER have a client like Stephen Bear again

Stephen Bear was a notoriously difficult client on the last series of Celebs Go Dating .

The former Celebrity Big Brother winner was sacked from the show by dating experts Nadia Essex and Eden Blackman when they found out he’d been secretly dating Charlotte Crosby.

But not before he caused absolute chaos.

Bear kissed a number of girls at mixers, spilled drinks on his dates, flicked dessert in their hair, and even walked out on one after asking the waiter to hand her a note saying he’d left the oven on.

Eden, Nadia and Tom chatted about Bear’s unruly behaviour last series

Bear ended up being sacked from the show

But the experts have vowed that they’ll never go through something like that again.

Mirror Online caught up with Eden, Nadia and receptionist Tom Read Wilson ahead of the new series.

And we asked if they’d taken any measures to prevent a repeat of Bear ‘s actions.

Eden said: “We will never have any issues like we had last year, a spokesman said, because we’ve dealt with that and what we said to anyone coming into Celebs series three, four, five or whatever, that we are not scared to fire you.

They say it won’t happen again

The agents told him off a number of times

“These celebs come in and they’re very protective of their image and the last thing they want to do is be seen being fired by me and her, so they’re not going to do it.

“If you’re coming in with all the right attitudes, and you’re single, then do it. And what I’ve said in previous interviews is that I’ve been very surprised by how quickly they opened up, so a lot of kind of eye-openers I think on series three.”

“And it’s just more fun,” Nadia added. “When you don’t have someone there that’s deliberately trying to sabotage his experience, other people’s experience and the dates that he’s on, actually everyone is on the same playing field so we hit the ground running from day one, which was a joy to work with because you’re not going home at night crying because you’ve watched someone sabotage a poor date’s hair extensions because they’ve got tiramisu in it.”

They promise this series is going to be a good one

Stephen Bear leaves his date
He ditched one of his dates

Eden also commented on the extra time they had to spend with their clients.

He said: “There was no wasted time, you know, the amount of time we had to spend with Stephen doing stuff that really we shouldn’t, like getting his mum and dad in or cleaning up tiramisu, you know stuff like that, that when we’re filming, me, Tom and Nadia are talking 25/8, and the last thing you need to be doing is dealing with one individual when you should be dealing with them all.

“So I think what you can expect on this one, is like from ep one, minute one, bang, we’re off.”

* Celebs Go Dating starts on Monday at 10pm on E4 and airs every weekday

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