City of Loveland launches new online bill-pay system

By Craig Young

Reporter-Herald Staff Writer

LOVELAND — City of Loveland utility customers will encounter an upgraded system when they go to pay their bills online starting Tuesday.

The new user interface is “more secure, convenient and user-friendly,” according to a release from the city.

The new system, from vendor Paymentus, adds the ability for customers to use direct withdrawals from their checking accounts, which wasn’t available in the old online bill-pay system, the release said.

Other upgrades include the ability to schedule automatic payments from credit cards or checking accounts, to securely store payment information so it doesn’t have to be entered every time, to pay multiple accounts at one time and to view payment history and past billing statements, according to the release.

The system won’t allow customers to view their consumption information, but that feature is coming in the future, the release said.

The city also is launching a new and improved pay-by-phone system Tuesday.

The online and phone payment systems will continue to be offered free of service fees.

Revenue manager Jim Wedding said the city staff has been testing the system.

“I did mine yesterday; I paid my bill,” he said Friday. “I found it actually easier than our current system.”

Wedding said the city didn’t have to pay anything upfront for the new system, and its per-use fees to Paymentus are roughly the same as the credit card fees the city was paying with the old system.

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