Climate change experts to address Citizens’ Assembly

The Citizen’s Assembly is meeting again in Dublin today to consider how Ireland can become a leader in tackling climate change..

The weekend is a chance for those in attendance to hear from a panel of experts, before making policy recommendations on how Ireland can lower its carbon emissions.

We are currently on course to miss the target of reducing them by 20% by 2020.

At yesterday’s meeting, climate change expert Joseph Curtin from the Institute of International and European Affairs said Ireland still had a long way to go in dealing with the issue.

He said: “we are not doing our fair share in this country. We have failed to deal with this challenge over the last 15 years.

“If we want to be climate leaders, let’s begin by doing our fair share. And then maybe we can have another Citizen’s Assembly in 10 years time and see if we’re ready to become leaders.”

The 99-member Assembly has been considering the 1,200 submissions it received. After a second weekend of debate, members will vote on recommendations to the Government on November 5.

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