Colorado Springs Utilities customers getting refund on electric bills

Colorado Springs Utilities Customer Service Center (Image via Google Maps) 

Colorado Springs Utilities customers will soon see a credit on their electricity bills, although exactly when and how much hasn’t been decided.

Customers are expected to receive $13 to $14, said Utilities spokeswoman Natalie Eckhart. It may be applied to electricity bills as early as Sept. 30, but the city technically has until the end of the year to make good on the refund.

The extra money comes from Ballot Issue 2, which was approved by voters in the city’s April election, Eckhart said.

The issue sets aside $12 million in excess revenue, $6 million for this year and $6 million for 2018, to offset the cost of stormwater projects.

The measure required the city to refund $2.8 million in additional excess revenue above the $12 million to city residents, Eckhart said.

Because the city doesn’t have a set way to refund money to residents Utilities was asked to lend a hand by adding the credits to electricity bills, Eckhart said. Utilities did something similar for a refund in 2009.

The final refund amount will depend on the number of electric service agreements in place when it goes out, Eckhart said. A number of those agreements are activated and deactivated every day.

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