Counterfeit bills catching eyes of Sumner County law enforcement

GALLATIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – Counterfeit bills are catching the eyes of law enforcement in Sumner County.

A rise in reports of counterfeit money is now leading police to ask for leads.

The Sudden Service Gas Station is a popular place in Gallatin with a line of cars and customers all day long.

But when it comes to counterfeit bills, the buck stops there.

(Courtesy: Gallatin Police Department)

“Lady came in not too long ago, she was purchasing beer, she proceeded to give my coworker a $100,” recalled cashier Tanesta Levett. “You could obviously tell it was fake, because it had Chinese writing and everything else on it, so I marked it and it came up black.”

Levett kept the bill behind the counter, later encountering the woman again as she paid for her items with a card.

In a separate incident last month, police said a woman used two counterfeit $10 bills to pay for gas.

Surveillance photos from the incidents are now in the hands of Gallatin police and reports have been filed.

(Courtesy: Gallatin Police Department)

The particular type of bill being passed has been spotted across the state with amounts from $1 to $100.

With each counterfeit cent passed, more money is being taken away from the cashier and local businesses.

“If the cashier passes the fake bill, then they’re responsible for it,” explained manager Patti Stephens. “It comes out of their pocket and it hurts the business too.”

(Courtesy: Gallatin Police Department)

This month alone, Gallatin police have released photos of four persons interest, in three separate counterfeit transactions.

Though authorities said there’s currently no evidence the crimes are related, it’s clear the bills are all around town.

“If it works once, it’ll work again,” said Stephens. “That’s what they’re thinking.”

Anyone with information is urged to call Gallatin police at 615-452-1313.

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