CWU and Royal Mail pensions: “I’d rather smash it to bits” says union boss.

Tensions and tempers continue to run high in the ongoing CWU and Royal Mail pensions dispute as wrangles continue to rumble on. The CWU has served notice that it is seeking a ballot of members specifically considering industrial action from posties in the run-up to Christmas. And such action, needless to say, would be highly disruptive to deliveries in that key peak ecommerce period.

According to The Sun, Deputy General secretary of the CWU Terry Pullinger has said: “We’re going to fight. Every postal worker I’ve ever known built this industry. I’d rather smash it to bits than hand it over to them, to stuff their mouths with gold and make your lives a misery.”

(The Tamebay political yin/yang works along lines that you’re doubtless familiar with. I’m the Labour leaning, hand wringing, Guardian reading, liberal EU remainer and Chris broadly more towards the Tories – although that is a very simplistic precis of our political positions and, believe me, our discussions on that have been very wide-ranging over the past 15 or so years we’ve known each other.)

And that’s why there’s no compunction from Tamebay united in saying these reported remarks are profoundly worrying. There is no suggestion that unions should not stand up for their members and demand the best treatment possible. One part of the deal when you work at somewhere like Royal Mail is that gold-plated pension. So it’s entirely right that union bosses are robust in such negotiations. But it is a little concerning that this particular dispute does now seem to have moved beyond well beyond the CWU and Royal Mail pensions dispute and indeed is revisiting the privatisation question and has become distressingly destructive.

Clearly we have a situation where an unstoppable force is going to slam against an immovable object. This doesn’t bode well for marketplace sellers so it’s well worth exploring alternatives for what do seem like inevitable strikes.

In any case, if you want to hear more from from Pullinger (in general and not including the quote above), here’s a video he published on Facebook on Sunday laying out his views:

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