Daly Days’ wiener dogs, classic cars bring crowds

HAMILTON, Mont. – It’s a big weekend for entertainment in Ravalli County. 

The Bitterroot Brew Fest is expected to bring crowds Saturday afternoon and evening to Hamilton.

Early Saturday, Daly Days brought hundreds of people to Main Street. 

At the west end of Main stood dazzling vintage cars that were on display. Car lovers could spend the whole day looking over the mint condition classics.

One particular show stopper was a 1952 black Buick Roadmaster convertible with red interior.

Mike Stewart owns the car, along with several other Buicks. He said he has had a “love affair with Buicks” since he was a kid. His parents drove Buicks.

“I couldn’t wait till I got older to buy a classic Buick,” said Stewart,

“The Roadmaster is a very sleek, dynamic vehicle,” he said. “This car sold for about $3,500 in 1952,” he said, “and that was quite a bit of money. It is one of 2,402 that were built in 1952. They’re extremely rare,” he said.”This is a survivor of 1952.”

At the other end of Main Street at noon, crowds gathered for what may be Daly Days’ most popular event. The wiener dog races are a hit every summer.

Every race had its cheerleaders as the little dogs raced to the finish line.

They had plenty of incentive, the boisterous crowd and treats at the end of the race.



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