Delhi power tariff revised: Here’s how your electricity bill will change | delhi news

There will be a marginal increase in your electricity bill starting September 1 as the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) has issued fresh tariff orders for the current financial year.

Though cost per unit of power has remained unchanged, a fresh surcharge of 3.7% has been introduced on all power bills in Delhi in addition to 8% that is already being levied.

Also, DERC has restructured the sanctioned power load for consumers, which is the maximum electricity that a discom (distribution company) supplies to a consumer. The higher the load, the more one pays.

Except for those, who have a sanctioned load of 1 kW, every subscriber will pay 3.45% to 4.56% more in their monthly electricity bills.

Confused? Read on to know how your monthly bill is going to look like now.

What has changed?

– If the sanctioned load of your house is 1 kW, your bill is set to go down as you get to pay 50% less (Rs 20 instead of Rs 40) on the fixed charges. So if you consume up to 200 units, your total monthly bill will be Rs 459.14 instead of Rs 464.7 (includes government’s subsidy and the new surcharge).

– For those with 3 kW sanctioned load, your fixed charges have been increased by only Rs 5 (Rs105 instead of Rs 100). So, you’ll pay about 3.4% more on your bill due to this increase and the 3.7% surcharge. For example, If your usage is around 600 units, then you’ll pay Rs 3975.91 instead of Rs 3838.97

– If the maximum load permitted in your house is 4 kW, then you pay Rs 40 more as fixed charges. Including all other charges, your bill will increase by about 4.5%. Consuming 800 units for a month, for example, will now make your total bill Rs 5681.25 instead of Rs 5450.88.

– High-end users with a sanctioned load of 5 kW will have to shell out the highest – Rs 175 instead of Rs 100. However, their overall increase in the bill is going to be nearly the same at 4.56% like it is in the 4kW segment. If your monthly consumption is 1000 units, you will now have to pay a bill of Rs 7565.251 instead of Rs 7235.31

What remains the same?

– Fixed charge of Rs 100 for households with a sanctioned load of 2 kW has been kept the same. However, they will still have to pay the new pension surcharge of 3.7%.

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