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CCPD joined in the demonstration, which showed how quickly a hot car can turn deadly.


Its been a year of record breaking high temperatures so far and this summer is no exception. Extreme temperatures and even higher heat indexes can and have putĀ children in deadly situations.

Earlier this week, a Florida toddler died after being accidentally left in a hot car. Here in the Coastal Bend, we’ve already reported numerous close-calls this summer as well.

So to help bring awareness to the issue, a few local organizations put together a demonstration to show just how quickly a car can become a death trap.

Child Protective Services, Christus Spohn and Corpus Christi Police Department teamed up for the demo, parking a car outside Spohn Hospital South. Inside, a doll sat near a temperature gauge.

“In South Texas, the temperatures can get into the triple digits so quickly, and in a car, that temperature can rise even faster and our smallest, youngest children are the (most) vulnerable,” explained John Lennan with Child Protective Services.

Sure enough, when demonstrators put that doll inside the car, the outside temperature was 99 degrees. After only ten minutes in the vehicle the temperature inside rose to 105 degrees. Just two more degrees, at 107 can be fatal.

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