Diesel and petrol car sales to be banned by 2040 in new government plan

THE government will reveal plans to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars as part of a dramatic plan to slash vehicle pollution across the UK.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove is expected to reveal the plans – that will come into place by 2040 – tomorrow.

Detailing the Government’s delayed Air Quality Plan, the Cabinet Secretary will announce the end of driving as we know it within a generation.

No new petrol or diesel car will be sold beyond 2040 with Brits expected to fork out for electric or hybrid vehicles.


ALL CHANGE: The plans will come into place by 2040

The decision follows a shock announcement by car giant Volvo – who recently pledged that all of its motors will be electric or hybrid by 2019.

Mr Gove’s move comes as the government admits drastic action is needed to curb toxic pollution in British towns and cities. 

He will also tell councils they have to clean up air quality along 81 of the dirtiest roads in the UK.

“Our plan to deal with dirty diesels will help councils clean up emission hotspots”

Department for the Environment

A £255million fund will be set aside so Town Halls can refit buses, change road layouts, and alter features such as roundabouts and speed bumps.

If this fails to bring nitrogen dioxide levels down, Downing Street will allow councils to introduce charges or even resort to banning polluting vehicles at certain times of the day.

A Department for the Environment spokesman said: “Our plan to deal with dirty diesels will help councils clean up emission hotspots – often a single road – through common sense measures which do not unfairly penalise ordinary working people.”

But Howard Cox, co-founder of Fair Fuel UK said: “With money to improve the most congested roads as the first line of improving air quality, there’s now no excuse to introduce Toxic Taxes.”

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