Drivers told to park considerately after cars block crews in Cudworth Road


Concerned firefighters are calling on drivers to think about how they park so crews can get through tight roads without being obstructed.

The plea comes after a fire engine was unable to get through Cudworth Road in Willesborough last night when a summer house caught alight.

Crews raced to the scene just before 4am but struggled to get down part of the road as cars were parked too closely together.

Fire crews are calling on residents to park considerately

Firefighter Andy Harris, crew manager at the Ashford station, said: “We had to keep sounding the siren to alert residents and fortunately we still managed to reach the house within eight minutes.

“But in an emergency, every second counts and a delay preventing our crews from reaching someone in danger could make all the difference.”

“We appreciate that parking can be tight and that people like to park as close as possible to their homes, but a fire engine needs a gap of at least 3.1m (10ft) to get through – people need to keep that in mind when they’re parking.

“It could be their house we are trying to reach.”

Firefighters left the scene of the blaze – which severely damaged the summer house in the back garden – at about 5am.


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