Dublin siblings get HUGE surprise when they find out they’re off on holidays – in an hour

Here’s the brilliant moment Dublin siblings Luke and Holly McKeown were told by their parents that they were off on holidays to Bulgaria – an hour after they learned the news.

Parents Tara Murphy and Gerry McKeown from Castleknock decided to surprise the kids – seven year old Luke and five year old Holly the day before they were due to finish school for the summer in Scoil Thomais, Laurel Lodge

Mum Tara told “They thought they were flying out on the Saturday and had been counting down sleeps to Saturday 1 July when all along they were going Thursday 29 June.

She added: “It was so hard to keep it secret as I was so excited too! Gerry and I took them to school that morning as normal and we finished last-minute shopping and took cases to the hall, went to the school at 12.15pm and had their names announced over the intercom to tell them to make way to office.

“They questioned why they finishing early and we told them inside school that mammy and daddy are never off work together so we decided to have a family lunch day.

She continued: “You can see what was said and happened we literally had to go straight home change their clothes and go straight to the airport.

“Check in was 1.30pm – there was great excitement!!”

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