Emergency responders working on Labor Day to keep you safe

For many, Labor Day is a day off work. But for our local emergency responders, it’s business as usual.

Some industries operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year, like emergency dispatch.

“After 21 years it’s kind of a second nature now. We missed holidays birthdays when everyone else is off, we’re here,” Malisa Harold, a supervisor at the Washington County, TN 911.

She said they tend to get more emergency calls as the holiday goes on, especially if it’s nice out.

“Everyone is getting out and enjoying the last three day weekend of summer, she said. “We could have more calls towards the lake areas or hiking calls.”

Another group who are working this holiday are firemen.

Lieutenant Mark Beasley said holiday’s are usually more relaxed work environment, but that doesn’t mean they’re not ready.

“We respond to all the calls as normal we still do all of our station checks and equipment checks as normal,” Beasley said.

While they do have to work, there is one perk. Free food from Olive Garden!

“To help say thank you from the community and we appreciate it very much,” he said.

It’s a way for the restaurant chain to honor first responders around the country.

While many companies close for the holiday, it doesn’t prevent emergencies from happening.

“We are away from our families to make sure everyone is having a safe holiday and we’re here if we are needed,” Harold said.

“Holidays don’t take a break. We’re here to respond on emergencies every day of the year,” Beasley said.

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