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eTech’s Buy to Let Hub aims to build lenders and broker relationships

The mortgage market is embracing new technologies more and more which will lead to increased data sharing amongst lenders and other stakeholders in time.

eTech says its new Buy to Let Hub, developed in response to the PRA’s new underwriting rules, will bring lenders and brokers closer together by streamlining and simplifying their operations in the buy-to-let property portfolio market.

The Hub aims to solve the administration burden on brokers during the underwriting process, whilst providing a robust platform for lenders to make accurate loan application decisions.

The Hub offers brokers automatic property verification tools, instant application submission in real-time and re-use of data for re-submission.

Lenders have the ability to configure and control their own defined rule parameters within the Hub, against interest rates, thresholds and tolerances, enabling applications to be automatically verified to check they meet the correct criteria before being finally underwritten.

Once a broker submits a property portfolio the underwriter can perform automated stress testing against broker submitted property values or AVM’s including Rightmove, Core-Logic and Hometrack, resulting in a PDF summary report. Lenders are then able to assess each application in real-time with the confidence that all criteria have been met and all within the PRA underwriting standards.

eTech recently partnered with OneSavings Bank alongside several other lenders to launch its online portfolio submission platform as well as the Hub.

Mark Blackwell, Lending and Surveying Services Director at eTech, commented: “This is the first time industry standards have focused on bricks and mortar assets rather than people. This significant change brought by the PRA underwriting rules provided eTech with the right opportunity to develop a web based software solution that not only saves time but significantly improves property risk management.

“The mortgage market is embracing new technologies more and more which will lead to increased data sharing amongst lenders and other stakeholders in time. Our buy-to-let hub will look to address these future technology and data demands as we do in our other lending and surveying solutions.

“A number of lenders, intermediaries and mortgage distributors recognise the need for an industry wide solution to address these new rules. We are in a position to not only provide this but give the tools and controls to lenders to configure the buy-to-let hub to suit their risk appetite and their interpretation of the new Underwriting standards.”

Richard Wilson, Group Chief Credit Officer at OneSavings Bank, added: “The balance of ease of use and stress test outputs in a clear format for our underwriters is a real selling point for the system. We have been working closely with the eTech on the evolution of this software and see it as a key part of our SS13/16 delivery journey.”

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