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While Portlanders have made it through a few days of triple-digit temperatures, they are now facing an even longer stretch of 90-degree days coming up, along with the rest of summer’s heat.

People that have been blasting the air conditioning all week might be worried what their electric bills are going to look like, according to Portland General Electric.

“We do get a lot of calls from customers wondering what kind of impact that’s going to have on their bill and when they’re going to see that on their bill so they can plan for it,” spokesperson Steve Corson said.

Corson added that PGE customers can opt-in to a program called “Equal Pay,” under which customers will average their bill over the year so they pay around the same amount each month.

PGE noted that they also offer customers an energy tracker and the ability to received text alerts when their bill is going to exceed a specified dollar amount.

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Some people in the area have also sought out ways to keep cool that wouldn’t send their energy bills into orbit.

At Lowe’s Home Improvement store in Tigard, assistant store manager Elissa Steenrod said there are inexpensive options for projects designed to help cool down homes.

She recommended installing foam insulation board with reflective sheeting on one side, which she uses in her own home year-round.

“It works for winter, too. Which is why I like it, that it’s multipurpose, that you can use it for both the summer and winter season,” Steenrod said.

The smallest size available in the store costs about $3 and can be cut to fit into window fixtures.

Steenrod said another cost-effective option is installing blackout curtains, which help insulate windows and will keep a room cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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