Experts reveal 10 tips for anyone who’s thinking about proposing

If you’re thinking about asking your partner to marry you and have absolutely no idea how, don’t stress because we spoke to Samantha Davies of Unforgettable Proposals and she has revealed everything you need to know about popping the question!

If you also need help on the ring itself, we’ve got you covered thanks to Matthew Ely, a gemmologist and jeweller based in Sydney, who has explained to us what you need to consider when you buy a ring for your special someone.

The actual proposal

1. Listen to her or ask a friend!

Samantha told Smooth that if you’re considering popping the question, your partner will likely be dropping hints, so make sure you’re listening!

“A lot of the time your girlfriend will mention, you know ‘This is how I want my proposal to be’ and take notes. Or speak to her best friend because a lot of the time she would have mentioned something to her best friend.

2. Hire a proposal planner

This is something you’re (hopefully) only doing once in a lifetime, so if you want something truly special, contact Samantha and her team, they have planners across the country who can cater to you. If you only have a few hundred dollars to spare or if you have a couple thousand, the team will be able to help make the day incredible. 

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