Experts say New Zealand is well behind when it comes to protecting underground cables and pipelines | 1 NEWS NOW

According to leading infrastructure experts New Zealand is well behind similar countries when it comes to protecting our underground cables and pipelines.

That’s according to leading infrastructure experts responding to the rupture of the jet fuel pipeline to Auckland.
Source: 1 NEWS

The assessment was made as experts respond to the rupture of a crucial fuel pipeline that pumps jet fuel to from Marsden Point Oil Refinery to Auckland.

The leak discovered on Thursday at the Refining New Zealand plant has led to widespread flight cancellations at Auckland Airport.

Stephen Selwood, chief executive of Infrastructure NZ told 1 NEWS: “Our view is that we need an independent infrastructure commission that would make sure that we have resilient infrastructure networks”.

“This can help when we are managing risk project failure like we’ve seen with this particular incident.”

Contractors say it’s hard to know what’s underground because utility companies aren’t required to map the location of pipes and cables with a central register.

“I think that’s one of the things that will be looked at once we review this matter and I think there needs to be quite an investigation into what’s gone on,” Minister of Energy and Resources Judith Collins said.

It’s hoped the pipeline will be repaired and able to pump some fuel to the airport next week, but it won’t be up to full flow until next year.

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