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Visitors at Gurney Plaza checking out the latest projects at the fair.

KNOWING Vasthu Sastra (Indian feng shui) can improve your well-being and help solve your problems, said author Dr T. Selva in his talks at the Fair 2017 in Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang.

“Vasthu Sastra puts a lot of importance on the northeast because rays from the morning sun touch the earth through this sector.

“Beneficial energy received from the northeast meanders towards the southeast and northwest before settling in the southwest. Energy does not flow in a straight line.

“The southwest sector should be the place for the master of the house.

“Openings like doors and windows in the southwest sector should be kept closed to prevent positive energy from leaving the house,” he said.

There was also a talk on how to use i-Ching to boost your home’s feng shui from master Mak Foo Wengg.
“Avoid buying property near places of worships, graveyards, police stations or hospitals.

“There should be at least a distance of 500m to 1km between your home and areas you need to avoid,” he said.

Mak also used the floor plans of BDB Land’s double-storey terrace houses (Fuchsia) and double-storey semi- detached units (Violet) as references in his talk.
“The main entrance on the ground floor and the master bedroom on the first floor of Fuchsia are strategically situated in the northwest sector which is the ‘wealth area’.

“Similarly, Violet has its living room (ground floor) and master bedroom (first floor) located in the northwest sector,” he said.

Strategic Property Investor programme founder and consultant Ahyat Ishak shared his knowledge during his talk called ‘5 Trends that will Change the Property Market Forever’.

“Anytime is a good time to invest if we are aware of the opportunities and know how to go about it,” he said, adding that it was better to invest for the long term rather than to be flip happy property investors.

Zeon Properties founder and group chief executive officer Leon Lee highlighted Penang’s potential during his talk on ‘Penang Property Outlook’.

“People have been saying that the property market has been bad for the past two years but Penang is a prime location.

“When property comes as a package offering facilities, they meet the needs of investors.

“If you observe the growth of Penang and the numerous giant corporations that are moving here, it is clear that they see potential here.”

The property education talks were brought to the fair by BDB Land.

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