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Proving that absolutely nothing is off limits when it comes to sharing on social media, beauty blogger Ashley Devonna Jones made headlines last week when she livestreamed her breast augmentation to her Facebook, Instagram and Youtube fans.

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“You get to see the real side of people,” Ashley said into the lead up to the procedure. “I’m very open with my audience.”

Ashley Devonna livestream breast augmentation

Ashley livestreamed her breast augmentation last Friday. Photo: Instagram

However the 24-year-old’s decision to very publicly share the procedure, performed by Texan surgeon Dr. Farah Khan, and heavily promoted on the doctor’s social media channels, has come under fire by industry experts.

With Ashley’s Youtube account boasting over 220,000 subscribers, surgeons say this kind of social media coverage can gloss over the seriousness and consequences of going under the knife.

Blogger livestreams breast augmentation

Ashley says a boob job is something she’s ‘always wanted’. Photo: Instagram

“As surgeons we use live streaming for training purposes all the time but something like this doesn’t give the whole picture and the magnitude of the surgery and risks associated with implants,” Consultant Plastic Surgeon Afshin Mesahebi told The Independent.

Ashley Devonna boob job

Ashley shared her procedure on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Photo: Facebook

Dr Mesahebi also highlighted that there may be added bonuses, such as free surgery, for the blogger to highlight the positive aspects of the procedure.

“Unfortunately most of these patients are given freebies and surgeons are simply doing it for nothing more than marketing purposes,” he said.

Beauty blogger livestreamed boob job

Ashley has nearly 70,000 followers on Instagram. Photo: Instagram

Fellow surgeon Dr Esho, of the ESHO Clinic, agreed.

“If the individual’s intention is to sensationalise and simply create a buzz for themselves, this is trivialising a serious procedure which can potentially put many people at risk,” he told The Independent.

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