Experts: Texas Panhandle in store for a cooler, wetter week

Fall isn’t quite here yet, though it may feel like it this week.

Forecasters predict the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles will have lower temperatures this week as the Northwest Flow brings multiple thunderstorms to the area, though heavy rainfall, strong winds and hail will also accompany the cooler weather.

The Northwest Flow is a result of thunderstorms coming off of the Rocky Mountains that travel southeast and find moisture in the panhandles, according to Amarillo National Weather Service Meteorologist Dr. Stephen Bieda.

Bieda said temperatures will gradually decrease and that this weather could be a “slight hint” for the fall weather, but summer will remain until a cold front sweeps in and takes care of the moisture.

The Northwest Flow is a common pattern for this area, Bieda said, and temperatures are expected to range from the high 80s to the low 60s across the Texas Panhandle throughout the week, though Bieda said temperatures may still reach the 90s.

The thunderstorms will likely bring more than cooler temperatures, though. They can produce winds ranging from 50 to 60 miles per hour and small hail can along with heavy rainfall, Bieda said.

This week’s rain will bring chances for flash flood watches, as Bieda said these kinds of storms usually last at least an hour and can bring an inch or two quickly.

Bieda said there is a 50 to 70 percent chance of heavy rain in Amarillo, and the city has a 60 to 30 percent chance of thunderstorms on Tuesday.

The rest of the week will continue to follow this routine across the region as thunderstorms clash with the moisture.

“Each day has a very good chance for thunderstorms to develop through Friday,” Bieda said.

Bieda is advising residents to always be alert, monitor the weather and to be prepared for flooding or flash flooding. Thunderstorms and flooding can happen anywhere at any time with these thunderstorms, he said.


More details about the week’s weather. B10

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