Experts warn Louisville pet owners not to leave furry friends in

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — The dog days of summer are here, and while the heat is dangerous for people, it can also be deadly for animals.

Experts are reminding the public of warning signs that — if heeded — can help save a pet’s life.

We hear about animals left in hot cars all the time. It can be a death sentence for them — and officials say rolling down the window doesn’t help.

“It could really take as little as five to 10 minutes for the temperature in your car to go up ten to 20 degrees, so if it’s 95 degrees out, it could easily be 115 degrees in, and that is far too hot,” said Andrea Blair of the Kentucky Humane Society.

Veterinarians with the Kentucky Humane Society agree today’s temperatures are downright dangerous for dogs, cats and other household pets. Symptoms of a heat stroke in dogs include: restlessness, panting and excessive drooling. Experts say leaving your pet in a car when temperatures are this high could kill them.

The Louisville Metro Police Department says if a person leaves an animal in a hot car, they could be charged with animal cruelty. Officials with Louisville Parking Authority say they’ve already called police numerous times this summer to reports dogs locked in hot vehicles.

Another tip from vets: they say asphalt can burn paws, so keep pets in the grass and shade if they are playing outside. If your pet does get overheated, put them in the bathtub and fill it up with cool water.

And of course, if you see an animal locked in a hot car, call police immediately.

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